About Stretch & Grow

Bamboo Forest 3 - for about s and g

When our children were tiny, our daily conversation at preschool pick-up time sounded like this:

Us: “Hi sweetie! What did you do today?”


Stretch and Grow©, a physical fitness program, was always their first answer. Coloring, the playground, field trips – everything else – was secondary.

And I loved that. I still do: the idea that they were actually excited about stretching and growing. Even with its accompanying discomfort at times.

Because, it seems, life loves to stretch and grow us, from the inside out. Whether we like it or not. Most days, I run to those moments with an open, thankful heart. And other days, I must stretch and grow in order to stretch and grow.

And, as big as this world is, I know I cannot possibly be the only one trying to figure out how to navigate it all with genuine grace.

This blog is simply a tiny place in the universe to share insights about how life’s moments often expand our hearts, our minds, our spirits – for ourselves and others.

So, welcome. Thanks for stopping by. And feel free to share your insights before leaving.

Let’s stretch and grow,


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