Weary, But Worth It

Hard to believe my last blog post was 8 months ago.

The culprit? A tiny human with 2 teeth and a serious milk habit. His happy eyes and easy smile are downright disarming. And, his giggles? Like sunshine for your soul.

My last post was just weeks shy of Josiah’s birth. To say that life has been extra full and moving at warp speed since then is, well, a major understatement.

Are we exhausted most days, leaning hard on Visine® (and, sometimes, the wall)? Uh-huh.

Has everything–and I do mean, literally everything–in our lives shifted because of our newest plus-one? Yep.

But has our gratitude also grown exponentially in the process? Without a doubt.

How can that be, when we’re weary on the regular?

See, Josiah is a profound gift. His mere presence is nothing short of a miracle. The reasons he technically shouldn’t be here are countless.

Want a sampling?

My age. Remember my “Hey, I’m pregnant!” post? It noted a less than 1% chance of natural conception after age 44. I was well past that age, so mine was a “geriatric pregnancy.” And, the odds were stacked high against us for a healthy mom and baby.

Last-trimester worries. The first two trimesters were pretty smooth. Sure, I had nausea all day. Extra testing and monitoring. Even some pains. But everything panned out just fine. The real challenge came in the final weeks when my amniotic fluid level suddenly increased for no apparent reason. It meant almost daily monitoring to be sure baby was fine–and moving up my due date twice for our safety.

Josiah’s landing. We reported before sunrise for a scheduled C-section. But, if baby was head-down, I could opt to be induced and push instead. He was, so I did.  And 14 hours later, Josiah made his grand entrance.  

With the cord wrapped around his neck.

I never saw it. Exhausted, I laid back and closed my eyes to catch my breath. But my concerned hubby saw it all, including how quickly the doc unwrapped that cord quickly, quietly and efficiently. He told me about it waaay later, once some time passed from the scariness of that moment.

For these reasons and many more, we don’t assume Josiah is here by chance. Rather, just like our older children (and all of us), we’re certain he has a God-given purpose to discover as he stretches and grows.

So, yeah, the tempo of our lives has changed again. The pace often feels non-stop with a new baby, being present for our older kids, supporting elders we love, careers, community service, and more. We know this life of continuous toggling will be our norm for many more years. And while we also know this pace won’t last forever, right now we’re tuckered out.

Yet even in our weariness, we’re also deeply grateful to God for so many blessings. We don’t take any of it for granted. Like feeling wet kisses on our faces, planted by a healthy baby. Watching our 3 children mature, their love as siblings firmly rooted. Hearing them laugh with doting grandparents.

And, knowing that–as long as you’re not tapping yourself out completely–some things are worth the weariness.

Your Turn: What keeps your life busy, but also blessed?

9 thoughts on “Weary, But Worth It

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  2. Brenda

    Thanks! The more I see & hear you, the more I love you and your family. Yep, it’s definitely God’s plan. It works because you listen well. And remember – 50 year old folks get surprised and have babies too. So you may have room for many more joys. 👶 😁👣

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  3. Tonya Bratton

    Constant reminders that He keeps us in all!!! Whenever I see you , you are always smiling and upbeat yet another sign the He has you.
    You know I know about surprises, but God’s plan is not always our plan. They are here for a reason and we will continue to have wonderful stories to share!!! Continue to be blessed. He is growing wayyyy too fast.

    Hampton Hugs.

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    1. stretch&grow Post author

      Yes, you DO know! 🙂 And you are 100% right on God’s plan. You’re reminding me of one of my most fav Scriptures – Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God is amazing, that’s for sure. 🙂 Thank you for always reading and encouraging me. Love you and HU hugs, xo


  4. Fatima Lowe-Williams

    This post is beautiful and thank you for sharing. I am reminded of the beauty that comes as a result of the complexities of life. We became first time parents later in life at age 45.

    Hubby and I have been blessed by our entrepreneurial efforts to be able to carve out a unique schedule in which he is a stay-at-home dad three days a week while I work and then I am a stay home mom for three days while he works.

    It’s nice to know that she is with one or both of us at any given time. Sunday’s are territorially sacred for all of us as a family. I know that this hectic schedule will be changing soon and life will ease up a bit as our daughter gets older. But for now this is our life. The chaos of beauty that we chose when we decided to become parents.

    Managing life, marriage, parenthood and business is overwhelming at times but I am reminded that “I get to do this”… and for that I am eternally blessed and grateful!

    So much love I send to you and your beautiful family! Kiss those little cheeks for me.

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  5. Michelle Watkins

    Beautiful! God is amazing in sooo many ways daily. I love how you see & recognize that because so many only see the weariness. Your family is beautiful! Hampton Hugs to you.

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    1. stretch&grow Post author

      Michelle, thank you so much for reading and for your encouraging words! God just keeps showing up in our lives in such a patient and loving way, especially when we feel downright tired. 🙂 Big Hampton hugs to you!



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