Right Now

Sometimes I catch myself thinking a lot about the past, other times about the future. Focusing on the present moment – the Right Now – can be tough. I know I need to run toward meditation, yoga, and deep breathing as ways to help me stay in the present moment, consistently. And, I’ll get there.

In the meantime, a glad surprise keeps showing up after a challenging start to 2023: Lately, my usual focus has shifted to the Right Now.

Right Now, I’m keenly aware that …

🤎 My dad’s last words are so very true: “I am blessed. We are blessed.” I hear his words in my heart every time I look at my family, connect with friends and loved ones, and so many other day-to-day moments.

🤎 I cannot heal alone. Reconnecting with my therapist is already making a real difference for me as I walk through this season of loss and grief.

🤎 I cannot heal in isolation. I am deeply loved by my family, friends, and village. You all have shown up with generous love, support, even food(!) for me and my family. I cannot thank you enough.

🤎 I’m grateful for the promise of renewal – inside and out – that comes with springtime.

So, the journey of letting go, acceptance, and healing continues for me. And I’m grateful for the Right Now. For those who have been praying and lifting me up, please don’t stop. And know that I’m doing the same for you.


12 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. Tori Reid

    Smiling. Another beautiful expression from you and blessing for us readers. Thank you for reminding me of appreciating and living in the present moment. That in itself is a life challenge but makes all the difference. WITH you. I love ALL of your “right nows.” Such gifts and blessings they all are. I’m so proud that you are stretching and growing in your challenging season. Your evolution is wonderful to read. Keep going… keep expressing… and helping us evolve along with you. And maybe we can help each other jumpstart that meditation and deep breathing practice. 😉 Love YOU.

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    1. stretch&grow Post author

      Your love continues to inspire me in so many ways, Tori. I cannot fully convey the depth of my gratitude for the gift of sister/kin/soul twin-ship we share. You bless me, and I love you always. And yes on helping each other with that jumpstarting! 😘🫶🏽


  2. Eva Bailey

    Loving you even more, sending lots of hugs and kisses
    Thanks so much for your openness and freedom to share during your loss.❤️🙏🏾💕

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  3. Louvenia Sobiech

    Hello Sweet Pea, the process of moving forward in life is so much more attainable when you remain open. Allowing others to bring comfort into your space. I know my heart heals as another joyous moment comes. It can be a reflection of a past memory, words spoken, or even a place that makes you smile ( Bookerland) . You and family are forever in my prayers. Our continuous growth in faith steadies our days ahead, one at a time. ❤️

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    1. stretch&grow Post author

      Vinnie, all so well stated and true in every way. And you are a consistent role model of someone who creates and savors beautiful Right Now moments out of sheer love. One I’ll especially remember with joy and gratitude is your last visit with Dad in NC. 🫶🏽 I love you always and appreciate you beyond words! 💗🤎



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